Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Agencies granted a "Russian Permit for Adoption Activity"

Here are the Agencies granted a "Russian Permit for Adoption Activity" (formerly known as 'accredited').
Due to the fact that Russia no longed uses the term 'accredited', and the confusion between Hague Accredited and Russian Accredited agencies, several of us are switching our terminology to reflect the wording that Russia actually uses now which is "Permit for Adoption Activity".
You can read a complete explanation from my friend Jim, here:
(Hague Accreditation is a separate process - conducted in the home country of the agency (i.e. US, Canada, Italy, etc.)
Some of these agencies are Hague accredited, some are not.)
I am keeping this list "live" along with Hague status here:

Agency Name ~ Russian Permit for Adoption Activity (formerly known as 'accredited')
ABC Adoption Services Inc ~ 28-Jan-08
Adopt-A-Child ~ 19-Jul-07
Adoption Associates ~ 19-Jul-07
Adoption Center of Washington ~ 26-Feb-08
Adoptions Together Inc ~ 14-Dec-07
Alaska International Adoption Agency (AIA) ~ 28-Dec-07
Alliance for Children ~ 22-Nov-07
Beacon House Adoption Services Inc ~ 28-Jan-08
Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services ~ 21-Jul-08
Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Charlotte ~ 27-Jun-07
Children of the World Adoption Agency, NY ~ 14-Dec-07
Children's Home Society & Family Services (CHSFS) ~ 27-Jun-07
Children's Hope International ~ 14-Dec-07
Christian World Adoptions ~ 14-Dec-07
Cradle of Hope Adoption Center (COH) ~ 27-Jun-07 (reinstated)
Cradle Society (The Cradle) ~ 27-Jun-07
Creative Adoptions Inc ~ 14-Dec-07
Dove Adoptions International Inc ~ 26-Feb-08
European Adoption Consultants (EAC) ~ 19-Jul-07
Families Through International Adoption (FTIA) ~ 20-May-08
Florence Crittenton League of Lowell ~ 14-Dec-07
Frank Adoption Center-NC ~ 27-Jun-07
Gift of Life ~ 19-Jul-07
Gladney Center for Adoption ~ 14-Dec-07
Global Adoption Services Inc ~ 26-Feb-08
Hand in Hand ~ 26-Feb-08
Happy Families International Center ~ 22-Nov-07
Homestudies & Adoption Placement Services (HAPS) ~ 24-Dec-07
International Assistance Group (IAG) ~ 27-Jun-07
Life Adoption Services ~ 22-Nov-07
Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan ~ 3-Mar-08
Maine Adoption Placement Services (MAPS) ~ 14-Dec-07
New Hope Christian Services ~ 24-Dec-07
Nightlight Christian Adoptions ~ 24-Dec-07
Small World Adoption Foundation of Missouri ~ 12-Sep-07
Wide Horizons for Children ~ 22-Nov-07
World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) ~ 14-Dec-07
World Child International ~ 28-Jan-08
Wyoming Children's Society ~ 19-Jul-07

A La Croisee Des Chemins ~ 14-Dec-07
Adoptiedienst Horizon ~ 22-Nov-07

Adoption Horizons Inc ~ 22-Nov-07
Caring Homes for Orphan Children (CHOC) Tzivos Hashem ~ 22-Nov-07
CHOICES Adoption ~ 3-Apr-08
Societe D'Adoption Quebecoise Une Grande Famille ~ 28-Aug-08
Pelastakaa Lapset ~ 24-Dec-07

De Pauline à Anaëlle Association ~ 28-Jan-08
Enfance Avenir ~ 19-Jul-07
L'Agence Française d'Adoption ~ 27-Jun-07

Diaconal Services of the Evangelical Church of the Rhein-Necker Region ~ 26-Feb-08

Atid Haieladim ~ 22-Nov-07
TAF ~ 19-Jul-07

ARAI - Regione Piemonte (ARAI) ~ 28-Dec-07 ~ corrected permit ~ 3-Apr-08
Associazione Amici dei Bambini (Ai. Bi.) ~ 14-Dec-07
Associazione Ariete ~ 28-Dec-07
Centro Internazionale per l'Infanzia e la Famiglia (CIFA) ~ 14-Dec-07
I Bambini dell'Arcobaleno ~ 28-Dec-07
La Primogenita International adoption ~ 28-Jan-08
L'airone - Adozioni Internazionali ~ 28-Dec-07
Nuova associazione di genitori insieme per l'adozione (NADIA) ~ 22-Nov-07
Servizio polifunzionale per l'adozione internazionale (SPAI) ~ 24-Dec-07
SOS Bambino International Adoption ~ 24-Dec-07

AIPAME ~ 19-Jul-07
ANDAI Asociación Nacional de Acogida Infantil ~ 24-Dec-07
Asociacion de Aydua a la Infancia del Mundo (AAIM) ~ 19-Jul-07
Association of Navarra Nuevo Futuro ~ 28-Jan-08
Creixer Junts ~ 24-Dec-07
Infancia y Futur ~ 3-Apr-08

Adopshunssentrum ~ 28-Jan-08

List of Agencies with NGO but not a Russian Permit for Adoption Activity

List of Agencies with NGO but not a Russian Permit for Adoption Activity (agencies who have a permit also have NGO)

I assume most of them are pursuing a Russian Permit for Adoption Activity -formerly known as "accreditation". Getting an NGO approval is one of the steps toward getting a Permit to place children from Russia.

Adoption Ark
Adoption Home Studies, Inc
Adoption of Babies and Children, Inc
Adoption Options, Inc (Frank Affiliated)
*** Adoption Source, Inc (closing or closed)
All God’s Children International
American International Adoption Agency, Inc
Bethany Christian Services
Bless This Child, Inc
Child of the Heart
Datz Foundation, The (Frank affiliated)
Future, Inc
Holt International Children’s Services
Illien Adoptions International, Inc
International Christian Adoptions, Temecula
Kidsave International
Little Miracles
Uniting Families Foundation
World Links

Mission of TEARS
TDH pour les enfants

Medecins du Monde

Global Adoption Germany – Help for Kids
Zentrum fur Adoptionen
Zukunft für Kinder

Hayeled Hatsohek

Associazione Chiara ONLUS
Associazione GIOIA
Crescere Insieme ONLUS
Famiglia e Minori (F&M)
I Fiori Semplici – ONLUS
In Cammino per la Famiglia (ICPLF)
Nucleo Assistenza Adozione e Affido (NAAA)


New Zealand
InterCountry Adoption New Zealand (ICANZ)

MIMO Asociación de Apoyo para la Adopción Internacional