Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Дети - усыновлены из России - США

Пожалуйста, наслаждайтесь этотим торжеством детей и (уже) взрослых, которые были усыновлены из России, Украина, Казахстана, Беларусь, Ўзбекистон, Болгария и Румынии.

Мы делимся этими фотографиями, чтобы мир знал, как сильно мы любим своих детей. Mы так же растим наших детей в любви к их родной стране.Здесь представлен всего 300 ребенoк из многих тысяч усыновленных в США ..... но мы, их родители,видим в каждом из своих детей дар от Бога, и радость, чтобы созерцать.

Другие дети по-прежнему ждут дома и родителей, которые любят их. Мы уверены,что правительство России сможет найти решение, чтобы у каждого ребенка были родители.

All children are a joy~~ All children deserve the love of a family.

Children grow best in a family.

It is in a family that children will bloom. All children need parents.

Please enjoy this celebration of children and young adults who were adopted from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria and Romania.

We share these photos so the world will know how much we love our children. We are raising these children to love their native homeland as well.These are just ~300 children of the many thousands in the USA..... but we, their parents, see in each of them as a gift from God and a joy to behold.

Other children are still waiting for homes and parents who love them. We are confident the Russian government will find a solution so that every child has parents.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Post Placement Reports for Russia in 2013 - updated

Many adoptive parents are asking where and how to submit Post Placement Reports (PPR) for their adopted children since 

  • several agencies have closed, and
  • other agencies have indicated they are only keeping the reports, but not translating and submitting the PPR to MOE in Russia.
This is not a new issue; there have always been agency closures which have left families to finish their Post Placement Reports without the assistance of an agency. In addition, families adopting from some Former Soviet Union countries submit reports until their children is 18 years old under similar self reporting procedures.

In Fall 2006, the following advice was obtained for all families who needed to file their own Post Placement Reports:

1. Use a Licensed Social Worker to do the Post Placement Report
2. Translate it with a Certified Russian Translator.
3. Get the Post Placement Report apostilled.
4. Include 5 pictures
6. Send directly by DHL or FedEx to the MoE in the region of adoption. You can find your region's address (in Russian) at the adoption website: http://www.usynovite.ru  (bottom right under the house picture), then use the first address listed.

(If you use google chrome as your browser it will prompt you to translate the page to English.)

In January 2013, I contacted the Russian Embassy in DC consular section.  
I inquired as the validity of the above instructions. The consulate indicated that reports could be submitted to:

    Consular Division of the Russian Embassy in the USA,
    2641 Tunlaw road N.W.
    Washington D.C., 20007

    to the Attention of the Adoption Section.

And if a translator is not available, the report sent to the Consulate could be submitted in English.

So my advice would be to submit your PPR to your placing agency, but also either 
1) translate and forward it to the MOE of your child’s region, or
2) submit it in English to the Adoption Section of the Consular Division of the Russian Embassy.

You can read more about requirement on Post Placement Reports in the middle of this page

If I become aware of changed rules, I will update the information here.
See update